Young Boss: How To Work With A Manager With Less Experience.


Working under a young boss can be very uneasy especially if you have a considerable level of experience as opposed to your manager. It could draw you back or dampen your morale.

With the rise of startups and the influx of more people into the workforce, we find out that the workforce is oversaturated with young and promising employees who rise fast on the ladder of success in the workplace. However, some of these people might be found wanting in terms of their years of experience, as people get promoted for different reasons.

But in as much as this situation might seem very daunting, there are perfect ways to keep this under control;

Be Professional

Professionalism should not be undermined despite the fact that you are working with a younger boss. Remain professional always and act based on the conduct of the organization. Observe your work ethics and be courteous when dealing with your boss irrespective of age or level of experience. Go about your duties as professionally as possible and try to be good-natured while doing so.

Check-In and Help Frequently

You are aware that your boss might not have the level of experience that you possess; but instead of complaining about it, you could do constant follow-ups and volunteer to help in executing tasks. Share your knowledge about tasks and be willing to help when necessary. Do not leave it all to the young boss because he is the boss. Helping out would not only make your job easier but would also foster a healthy work relationship between you two.

Observe Loopholes and Relay Them Objectively

A young boss might be oblivious to certain loopholes or challenges because he has not spent a considerable number of years as a boss. As a subordinate, point out these loopholes as professionally as you can and offer to look into them. Sometimes a young boss might not have a holistic view of current challenges and how to solve them effectively. The onus lies on you as an experienced subordinate to work with your boss in harmony to de-escalate these issues and proffer workable solutions to them.

Do Not Get Angry

Working with a young boss could be frustrating and uneasy. However, we must look at the brighter side. Working with a younger boss could foster healthy relationships and be a turning point for the organization especially if the younger boss is very skilled and tech-savvy. Hence, we could look at the rosy side. Do not get infuriated when your younger boss does not get along or cannot be on the same page with you. Remember that he has few years of experience and might not have been exposed to all the sharp sides of the job as you have been. Hence, try to be professional and good-natured at all times when dealing with your younger boss.

Figure Out Ways You Can Work Together

Instead of focusing on the weakness of your younger boss, you could focus on the strengths and see how you could harness results with the strengths and how those weaknesses could be overhauled into strengths. In this vein, the organisation would achieve more if strengths are being made the focal point.  For example, if your younger boss is tech-savvy; he could use Information Technology tools to generate more money for the organization.

Do Not Lobby Or Take Advantage Of Your Boss’s Naivety

As humans, it is only very normal to have tendencies of taking advantage or capitalizing on various situations to achieve a goal. However, when dealing with a young boss, professionalism must be the watchword at all times. Taking undue advantage of your young boss because he is naive could put him in trouble.

It could put you in trouble too, especially when the management finds out about it. Do not act in ways that go against the conduct of the company because you have a younger boss. It could implicate you and then set a bad record for you. Act accordingly and be professional always. If you notice that something is being done wrongly, put it forward to the management instead of taking undue advantage of the situation.

Review Your Expectations

It is normal to have high expectations of people especially those we look up to or place in high regard. While you look up to your younger boss, try not to have unrealistic expectations about his or her performance or capability. Adjust your expectations and work together with your boss and team members. Having high expectations of one with little experience would only make you disappointed and frustrated when things do not turn out as you had expected.

Be Mature

Act maturely at all times. Do not insult your young boss, gossip or make snide comments about him or her. It would only frustrate your boss or put you in trouble. Be calm and collected always. When there is an issue that is a result of your younger boss not being able to handle a particular responsibility well, try not to escalate or make jest of the situation. Instead approach such issues with sincere concern and maturity.

Don’t Boss Your Boss

Do not lord your ideas or experience over your boss because you probably know better. Let your boss be “the boss” irrespective of his age or level of experience. Project your criticisms and observations constructively and accept the decisions that are being made by the boss. Do not feel that he or she has no right to take decisions because of his level of experience.

Be Proactive

Take up responsibilities and tasks that you are meant to do even before you are asked to. Go all out in executing your tasks and do them in a way that would require less scrutiny since you are aware that your boss might not have the much-needed skill to micromanage you.

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