Work-Life Balance; 8 Fitting Jobs And How To Maintain It.


Work-life balance is a lot of struggle in the working-class world, creating an equilibrium between your personal or social life and your work is always a daunting task because most jobs take a large chunk of your time and in the end, there is little or no time to engage in other activities.

The disadvantage of spending all the hours of the day working is that it could lead to stress, burnout, and even health challenges because you do not have the time to take care of yourself and relax.

However, there are a few jobs that could give you time to attend to your social and personal needs. It’s never too late to consider a career change:

Work-Life Balance Career Options:

Maintain Work-Life Balance As A Social Media Manager

Social media managers are professional people who are paid to manage the social media accounts of institutions and organizations. Social media visibility is a very crucial aspect for every organization. However, they can work anywhere at any point in time as they do not necessarily have to work only in the office. Also, there are software management tools that can be used to schedule and send outposts for the day e.g. Hootsuite, Zohosocial, etc so once your content calendar is ready, your posts are ready to go. As a social media manager, you can enjoy a relatively commendable work-life balance as your work is not static and confined to sitting in the office. You can work at any comfortable hour of the day.

Maintain Work-Life Balance As A Computer Programmer

Most of these roles are always remote as being a tech expert does not require being in the confines of an office. As a remote job, it could give you time to focus on your personal growth and social life. All you need to do is to create a schedule for work so that you can use your free time properly. Also, you can work from any location of your choice as long as you can get the job done.

Maintain Work-Life Balance As A Writer/Blogger

As a writer, you can write anywhere and at any time. Writing is a profession-on-the-go. It can be done anywhere and at any time. It gives you the perfect balance in life. The most enthralling thing yet about writing is that you could get inspiration and ideas even while taking a vacation or engaging in social events.

Maintain Work-Life Balance By Running A Personal Business

One of the ways you can work and still create a balance between work and life is to run a business of your own. This does not mean it is easy. It only means that you can give it control and create a work-life balance for yourself. As a business owner, you are not confined to a particular space at a particular time and you do necessarily follow the 9-5 working hours. So you can take breaks, vacations, or go for retreats whenever you deem fit.

Maintain Work-Life Balance As Fitness Coach.

As a fitness expert, you give people fitness advice and arrange both physical and online sessions for them. It is very flexible and can accommodate a work-life balance structure because it does not just give you ample time to rest and engage in recreational activities; the job requires getting to meet people and interacting regularly with them. The work in itself is a balance!

Maintain Work-Life Balance As A Virtual Assistant

These are self-employed workers that offer services that include executing administrative functions for organizations remotely. As easy or less challenging as this role sounds, it comes with a truckload of responsibilities that include booking flights, tracking clients, organizing schedules and tasks, and other administrative functions. However, the flexibility of being remote gives an opportunity for a perfect work-life balance if proper time management is being applied.

Maintain Work-Life Balance Working As A Researcher

This is one of the jobs that can give you the best work-life balance ever especially when it is freelance. It is a super flexible job that can be done at your own pace. Although there are times when you would have to meet up deadlines, creating a proper schedule of events would do the trick.

Maintain Work-Life Balance As A Content  Manager

They write and curate relevant content and information for websites, blogs and other channels for disseminating information. Their job specifics are flexible because they can carry out their activities on time and decide to take the rest of the day off. A work-life balance is really achievable if you work as a content manager. Just make sure that your tasks are set out in due time.

Tips On How To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Have a morning routine.

Do not leave your mornings empty. Get engaged in the mornings. It could be a 15-minute workout or having a stimulating cup of tea. It could also be taking early morning walks. It could be anything. But make sure your mornings are very engaging.

Plan your day.

One very important work-life balance tip is to plan your day. Planning your day starts with having a vision of what to do for the day the night before. It makes it easier for you to create a structure and stick to it for the day. Create a mental picture of your tasks, pen them down, and allocate an estimated time or deadline of completion of each task.

Take Breaks when necessary.

Do not overwork yourself no matter where you are working from. If you do not create time for breaks, you might suffer from severe burnout. After a series of completed tasks, you could take a break from work and do recreational and less tasking activities e.g. reading a comic, listening to music, or taking a stroll.

Engage in social interactions.

It could be talking to a colleague, calling a loved one, or hanging out with friends. Prioritizing interpersonal relationships is one way to infuse balance into your day-to-day life. Make sure that your social life is not dwindling. Meet new people and engage in intellectually stimulating conversations.


Balancing work and other aspects of life are very necessary for survival. Make sure none affects the other negatively. Apply the moderation principle in your daily tasks and watch how peaceful, healthy and, fulfilled you would become with time.

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