What Jobs Can You Get With An Information Technology Degree?


Information technology is one of those professional pearls that are hidden in plain sight. On a quest for degrees, we place the focal point on courses that have a higher face value in terms of being very lucrative while we give other courses that have a potential and hidden value less attention. Professional jobs like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and related fields are termed as high-rated professions because of their high demand in society.

However, some courses have been undermined either because they have not been in high demand over time or have been perceived to be less lucrative compared to other professional courses. One of these said courses in Information Technology.

Information Technology is the study of the use of computers for sending and processing information. This refers to the development, maintenance, and use of computer software, systems, and networks. It includes their use for the processing and distribution of data. Data means information, facts, statistics, etc., gathered together for reference, storage, or analysis.

Getting an information technology degree is not as irrelevant as we think it to be.  This is not just useful because we are in the Information Age where the whole world relies on the power of information obtained via technology to thrive in their businesses, personal lives, and health; Invariably, our daily endeavors are also greatly linked to the power of information science.

So if you would not mind a career in Information Technology, here are some high paying jobs you can get:

Information Technology Career Jobs

#Data Scientist

This is one of the well-known jobs in information technology. Data scientists do research and come up with innovative ideas and strategies for technology. They use scientific data to analyze and explore existing technology and look for ways that it can be improved.  They earn about $118,000 annually.

To be a data scientist you must have these skills:


It is used to solve problems in the data science world. Data Scientists use this to solve statistical problems.

Python Coding

This is one of the popular programming languages in data science. It is super important because it can be applied for executing all your data processing steps.

Hadoop Platform

Hadoop is very optional but is a good skill to have as a backup. It has been rated as the second most important skill in the world of data science.

SQL Database

Structured Query Language is a programming language that gives functionality to a database. With SQL, you can delete or add data to your database. Learning SQL would not only add a touch of proficiency to your work; it makes you critical and gives you a larger understanding of databases.

Machine Learning

This is one very important skill to solve scientific problems. This involves solving problems with the use of machine regression, time series, computer vision, etc.

Data Visualization

For the rest of the world that do not understand programming languages, the data written in these programming languages need to be converted to an “easy to access” format for all. This is where data visualization comes in. One of the most interesting aspects of data science is data visualization. It is interpreting data with the aid of graphs and charts. Hence through visual aids, the recipients of the data are being carried along.

#Information Security Analyst

This is an important field in any work environment today. Information security analysts are computer experts that are in charge of computers and networks in an organization. They check for threats and carry out overall maintenance of the computer network systems. They upgrade the software from time to time and make sure that hackers cannot get their way into the system. Information analysts earn about $163,000 annually.

#Software Developer

These are the problem solvers! They design computer and mobile apps. Software Developers are the brains behind the games and apps we use today. Their creativity is top-notch. They earn about $105,590 per annum.

#IT Consultant

Being an Information Technology Consultant means that the organization would require your services to proffer solutions and strategies on how to create a value based synergy between Information Technology and their business. Basically they align business goals with a positive Information Technology strategy to create productivity and achieve results in business. They are high income earners too with about $100,000 income annually.

#Artificial Intelligence Experts

Artificial intelligence is taking elements of human intelligence and adapting them to machines. A lot of creativity is invested in this field. SIRI (a popular iPhone feature that listens to your directives and executes them) is artificial intelligence. Information technology experts who make these features are called AI Experts. They earn about $200,000 annually.

#Web Developers

They are engaged in developing web applications and giving them functionality. They create websites and give them a corporate outlook. To be a professional web developer you need to have taken these basic steps:

Understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Understand User Interface and User Experience
Have a thorough knowledge of WordPress
Manage Search Engine Optimization

In addition to their responsibilities, they make sure that the website is always responsive so that the users have easy access to the website at all times. They earn about $69,000 annually.

#IT Project Manager

An IT project manager is a professional who is responsible for planning and carrying out information technology roles in an organization. They are fit to work in any industry and are responsible for making sure that information technology activities are carried out and delivered on time. It is a highly lucrative job and professionals in this field earn as much as $102,000 per annum.

There are so many notable IT jobs like IT auditors, Computer Programmers, Computer Support Specialists, and a host of others that are imperative because they enhance the smooth running of our daily engagements.


Being in the Information Technology field has so many advantages like work flexibility, high paying salaries, perfect work-life balance, and career growth. The Information Technology industry, so far, has progressed and has constituted a considerable fraction of the world’s economy.

For high school graduates or individuals with difficulties finding a career path, you could consider furthering into the IT field and unveil maximum potential. However, if you have chosen a career path, it is never too late to delve into a career change that offers you amazing opportunities to grow and reach your peak.

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