Nine Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Landing A Job


Finally, you have been able to secure an interview invite after sending out countless numbers of applications for jobs. You are hopeful and rightly so, with the number of applicants that apply for every vacant role, being able to cinch an interview is nothing short of a miracle and this signifies you have one foot in the door. However, getting an interview is less than half of the work that needs to be done to land the job, convincing your interviewers you are the ideal candidate and should be hired is the bigger part. Below are nine ways that you can make an impossible-to-resist impression during your interview:

Look The Part:

The saying that ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’ might be cliché but it is no less true. How you are dressed is as important as how well you answer questions during the process. When going for an interview, it is extremely important that you are impeccably dressed and look the part you are interviewing for. You cannot be applying for a managerial position and be looking like an intern; nobody is going to take you seriously.

Be Punctual:

A couple of years ago, I attended the final stage of an interview and when I was called in, the hiring manager commented that she had noted that I always came early during all the stages of the interview. In fact, I was always the first candidate to arrive at the venue. This got the attention of the C.E.O who was sitting in on the final interview and he asked why. Sometime later when I was offered the job, I was told my punctuality is one of the deciding factors that convinced them of my discipline to handle such a sensitive position. This was a key lesson for me in my career journey.

A job offer is a call to take responsibility and what better way to access someone’s level of discipline than checking how they manage their time and honor appointments. This seems like stating the obvious but lateness to interviews portrays you in a bad light and yet it is still a common complaint among interviewers. Do all you can to arrive at the interview venue at least 30 minutes before time. If you have to be late for an unavoidable reason, ensure you call your contact person at the company to notify them.

Be Confident:

In reality, a perfect candidate does not exist but your confidence in your abilities and what you have to offer goes a long way in convincing the recruiters that you will be a perfect hire for the job. Confidence is fuelled by preparedness. A clear understanding of the role you are applying for, the experience, technical know-how, and soft skills required to excel on the job will help you give the right responses to questions asked and fuel your confidence.

Show That You Fit Into The Company Culture:

In an interview, the CEO of YouTern, Mike Babbitt stated that employers are usually reluctant to hire a candidate that they suspect might not fit into the existing company culture and team, no matter how qualified he is. Prior research about the company before the interview will show you the goals, visions, and company culture and help you answer the interview questions in a way that aligns with these. Ensure the interviewer is convinced of this by enthusiastically asking questions that convey interest.

Remain Focused:

During an interview, a lot of candidates have the tendency to drift off-topic or begin to ramble on about irrelevant things when asked questions. This is mostly a result of nervousness or desperation to impress. Try to keep your answers straight to the point and on the topic even when asked difficult questions. In the event that you do not know the answer to a particular question, say so calmly and move on to the next question. This gives the interviewer a glimpse of how you react under pressure. 

Talk About The Value You Bring To The Table:

Every hire is an investment made by the company. Why should you be the investment of choice? Tip the scale in your favor by boldly talking about the value you will be adding to the company based on your skills and expertise, let the interviewer see that you are an investment worth making.

Ask Intelligent Questions:

At the end of an interview session, interviewers typically ask candidates if they have any questions to ask. Saying no to this is a faux pas and does not convey an impression that you are keen on the job. Prior to the interview, note intelligent and insightful questions to ask that convey your knowledge and interest in the job and the organization at large. However, do not ask questions that could have been easily researched by you such as the company mission statement boldly spelled out on the website, this will surely serve as a strike against you.

Be Courteous:

Remember to be courteous to everyone you meet in the company, not just to the interviewers. You might be shocked to discover the seemingly unlikely people that would be asked about their general assessment of you. So right from the gate, put on a positive attitude. When asked about why you are leaving your present job, do not say anything negative about your current company or boss, no matter how true or justified you think it is. Keep all your answers simple and positive.

Follow Up:

After the interview, sending a mail to your interviewers, whether individually or collectively, can significantly up your chances and leave a lasting positive impression of you. In the mail, thank them for the opportunity to interview and reiterate the important things that were discussed during the interview, this reminds them of just how much you pay attention. Also, use the avenue to re-echo your interest in the role and how much you look forward to being a part of the organization. This is a sure way to keep up the positive impression already created by your post-interview.

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