How To Manage Workplace Politics And Get A Promotion.


A promotion at the workplace is always a commendable feat and a big deal for employees. This is because it is not just a step higher in terms of rank, but a step higher in terms of pay, benefits, and other opportunities. This is one reason why employees make conscious efforts to work hard and enhance their visibility so that their efforts could be rewarded accordingly.

However, a major impediment to getting a promotion at work is office politics. Office politics are activities performed by individuals to improve their status and project their personal goals at the expense of other employees.

Here Are Six Kinds Of Office Politics You Should Take Note Of:


This is a very common office politicking component among co-workers. Gossiping brings discord and division among team members and can make people see a particular person in an unfavorable light.

Sabotaging/Undermining Others’ Efforts

A team member might have performed exceedingly well on a task and should be awarded or lauded for the efforts and diligence invested in making the task a success; however, it might be short-lived if another member of the team outrightly downplays the efforts of the former in the bid to look better or competent.


Trying to influence the decisions of other people or key players in the team so as to gain favors or respect.

Taking credit for others’ success

Owning up to the successes of others as yours because you had a little part to play in it or because you are superior. People who worked hard to get a task done should take maximum credit for such tasks.


Giving admonitions to people or a person on the team on matters like corporate conduct, level of interaction, and relationship with people at the workplace.

Flattery in the bid to gain favors

Team members might show persistence in being in the good graces of the boss by patronizing them or showing awkward cues of admiration in the bid to gain favors from them.

These are the major components of office politics and they could frustrate your chances of getting a promotion if not managed properly. Office politics are unavoidable in organizations; however, with a deeper insight on how to have it under control, you could get to the top in no time.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Manage Office Politics To Get A Promotion:

1. Organization evaluation

It is important that you take cognizance of your work environment. This would not just help you form the core of your productivity at work but would help you understand the nature of your work environment. Analyze each and every key team player in the organization and be at least three steps ahead of them while having dealings with them.

Also, review the workplace ethics and policies over again. Know the core values and identify the silent values of the organization. Silent values are those values that are clearly visible but are not being spoken about: e.g. contributing at meetings or keeping records of work for posterity.

2. Build connections

Build formidable relationships with key team players. The basis of these relationships should be an avenue to project your qualities, achievements, and capabilities to top players in the organization. Through these connections, you could be promoted or recommended for higher roles and opportunities within the organization.

3. Set Boundaries

To manage office politics while working on getting a promotion, you should find a balance between building interpersonal relationships and setting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries include protecting your right to privacy, looking out for your mental health, and avoiding occasions that could lead to verbal, physical, or emotional outbursts in the workplace. Setting healthy boundaries would foster respect and harmony among team members.

4. Be Sensitive And Strategic

Know a little bit about everybody and try to be three steps ahead in conversations and engagements. Observe the body language and mannerisms of team players and know how to react to them accordingly. Be aware of happenings but do not be too quick to react or give your opinions. By doing so, you would get unspoken validations from team players around you as a strategist. And being strategic is one of the key indicators for promotions in the workplace.

5. Do not have Office Favourites

It is absolutely normal to have people you admire or look up to in the organization. However, to avoid discrepancies and complications during corporate dilemmas, do not be quick to take sides with people. This is because openly taking sides with people could create an impression that could hinder your promotion.

Also, it could be a sign of a weak leader, and team players might perceive you like this. So in the bid to be eligible for a promotion, try not to openly take sides with team players. Instead, be fair and firm. Let each party see the strengths and weaknesses in each of their positions.

In Conclusion,

Try to be accountable and transparent in organizational conversations and transactions. Understand your role and execute it properly so that it contributes to the success of the company. If you can keep to these simple rules, then attaining promotions in the workplace would always be an easy yet well-deserved feat for you.

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