Getting Good Remote Jobs. Why And How?


For a lot of organizations, the “Onsite 9 to 5” work style is still the mode of operation, however, we are seeing more companies adopt the remote work mode and this has been further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote jobs at this time became the star in the job market. While the remote work style does not suit every kind of business, it is becoming increasingly common for companies, which can get employees to work remotely, to adopt it. Why is this so? The advantages that remote work offers to both employees and the organizations are diverse, some of which are:

Benefits Of Remote Work:

  • Remote work gives you the opportunity to have a rewarding career while still allowing you to work from anywhere you choose. These positions are ideal for people who work in places where their career does not have many vacancies. It is especially good for you if you choose to stay in – or move to – a specific city, such as one with more affordable housing while still retaining your job.
  • Increased Productivity: Studies show that working remotely enhances productivity, as workers are able to save time on commute and other demands attached to working in the office.
  •  Flexibility:  With remote work, you are able to tailor your hours to fit into the peculiarities of your daily life and have more time for family and other commitments.
  • With less people in the office and less demand for space, the organisation is able to save on overhead and general maintenance costs.
  • Working remotely gives you an opportunity to work for major companies around the world that you might otherwise not have been able to.

Remote working further emphasises on how much of a global village the world has become and how easy it is to offer your skills to organizations situated all around the world. Having enumerated the several benefits that remote working affords you; the obvious question is how exactly can these jobs be gotten easily. We would be examining four sure ways to make your dream of getting a good remote job a reality.

Remote Job

Hacks To Get A Remote Job:

Skill Up:

The competition for remote jobs is high, maybe even higher than that of regular jobs because you are vying for the same roles as numerous other people around the world. To be attractive to recruiters, it is important that you invest in the skills and certifications that are in demand and that can make you stand out amongst other applicants. Gaining mastery in your line of work cannot be overemphasized. To get informed about the top skills and certifications that employers are interested in, use job platforms such as Linkedin to look up people who have the kind of remote jobs you seek and check out their required skill sets.

However, there are some job roles that are currently sought after globally more than others, they include:

  • Copywriting
  • Programming
  • Sales and marketing jobs
  • Graphic designing
  • UI/UX product designing
  • Web development and software engineering
  • Data analytics
  • Product management
  • Human resources.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Customer support roles
  • Illustrating and animator roles
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Voiceovers

Tailor your CV to fit the role you seek:

Ensure your CV reflects your desire to work remotely and include the skills that are needed for you to flourish in a remote role. A prior experience in remote work would do your CV a world of good, this would reassure prospective employers that you are already used to the terrain and you have what it takes to flourish.

The soft skills that are in top demand and very key to being successful in a remote job include teamwork, strong work ethic, being tech-savvy, time management, etc. Developing yourself accordingly and including them in your CV is a step in the right direction towards landing the job of your dreams.

A vital part of remote work is communication and organizations are continually on the lookout for candidates who have mastered the different software used to bridge this gap thereby making their jobs easier. So, ensure you list on your resume the technology tools you are proficient in. These tools include but are not limited to Zoom, Google Hangouts, Zapier, Basecamp, Trello etc.

Join A Community:

Working remotely has many advantages as already stated but an obvious demerit is how easily you can get cut off from any form of community and interactions with other professionals. No matter the field you work in or desire to, there are people that already work there and can make your journey easier to navigate. With a career community, you gain access to specialized training on the skills and programs that you need to thrive in regarding your field.

A career community is a symbiotic ecosystem that is made up of industry professionals who are like-minded. There are so many benefits to being a part of a community of other professionals in your industry who work remotely. You become exposed to networking opportunities with experienced people and also privy to firsthand valuable information. Also, you are afforded access to mentors who can guide you through your career development process.

Sign up:

The next step is for you to sign up on job platforms that are dedicated to posting jobs that are tailored to your industry. Today, the best sites for remote jobs include:

#Just Remote:

Here hundreds of remote jobs are posted every month with a range in customer service, SEO, project management, editing, marketing, social media, etc. Recently, the site launched a paid service that allows members to subscribe to the best remote jobs that do not always get advertised.

#Hub-staff Talent:

On this platform, you are allowed to search for both permanent roles and hourly freelance contracts. This is of particular benefit to people who just need a freelance job to supplement their main job. Their target audience includes employers and job seekers in the marketing, sales, social media, and customer care industry.


This site is focused mainly on roles in the software engineering/design industry.


Connects freelancers and agents to companies looking to hire in fields like graphic designing, copywriting, web development, etc.


Here, you are sure to find a large volume of remote jobs from reputable companies put up every day. One clear advantage of Jobspresso is that the roles available are diverse.


It is an online market platform for freelancers with low-cost providers from different parts of the world. Here, buyers pay in advance for gigs, and the services in demand include graphic designing, copywriting, web designing, social media marketing among others.


This site is built specifically to support start-ups, so if you have dreams to be part of a company from the ground up, this is an ideal place for you to look. There is no sign-up fee and your profile represents your resume, so be sure to build an outstanding one to get the attention of prospective employers.

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