Fiverr, LinkedIn, AtYourService: Where should you start?

African jobseekers, what is the quickest way to get found by recruiters and kickstart your income in 2021? Is LinkedIn still the best platform to scout for opportunities in 2021? Do you think recruiters are really looking for you on LinkedIn? If there was another platform where you could just sign up and have your kind of jobs scouted and sent to your DM for free, would you join? 

Hello, I’m Gabriel from AtYourService and in this short piece, I will answer the questions above, and I’ll introduce you to what many now employed Africans call “The Career Matchmaker.” From fresh graduates looking for opportunities to get started to seasoned professionals looking for their next better position, finding (and securing) well-paid jobs is now as challenging as ever. 

Does this mean companies have stopped hiring?

Of course not. No company can exist without hiring. Some employees retire, some find better jobs and leave, others start a business and quit their salaried positions, while a small percentage either fall ill or die. So companies are in a constant search for top talent every single day.  

But why are we looking diligently and not finding?

Five years ago, one of the easiest ways to earn a living was to sign up on a freelance website like Fiverr. You just need skill and the ability to market yourself to win gigs. And five years ago, this worked like crazy with many earning as much as $10,000 a month with little work. But the competition on Fiverr gets fiercer each year. 

Recently it has become borderline impossible to get a single gig on Fiverr especially if you’re new. Many individuals were laid off from their physical jobs in 2021 and most of them changed their focus to looking online, so competition on freelance websites skyrocketed. Established freelancers quickly soak up all the available gigs, thereby choking the new freelancers out of the platform. 

What about creating your profile on a job board like LinkedIn where recruiters are supposed to be looking? 

Are recruiters still looking for talents on LinkedIn

They sure are! Remember that LinkedIn is just like Facebook, but for professionals. Recruiters still scout for talents like you on LinkedIn, but it’s not as it used to be. LinkedIn talents have developed a sour taste for recruiters. Many job seekers make lots of false claims to look the best and attract the attention of HR professionals. 

When companies hire them and realize that they’re not who they claimed to be, hiring the next person is more difficult as recruiters doubt whatever claims they make on their LinkedIn profiles. That is why hiring processes are getting stricter and more complex. That is why you have to struggle through more tests and interviews to get a chance. 

Wake up! This is 2021!

Getting to the tests and interview phase is not as easy as it used to be. There are millions of qualified applicants for each job opening on LinkedIn, many of them with some job experience that gives them an edge over fresh job seekers. 

Many companies budget millions for hiring alone because of the massive number of applications they have to sort through. And in 2021, most companies are looking for better (and significantly more economical) ways to hire the top talents they need without having to screen millions. 

Alas ‘mi amigos’, a Solution!

AtYourService.NG has got an even better plan for job seekers all over Africa. AtYourService developed a tremendously high reputation for herself, which made her clients (many of them huge multinationals like Opay, ISN Products Limited, among a host of others) rely on them to source top talents across Africa. A single recommendation from AtYourService to any of her clients and you’ve landed the job of your dreams. Their client base is growing every month as more companies rely on them to recruit. 

You can get that edge for yourself today. 

AtYourService is currently accepting applications from talented job seekers. All you have to do is sign up as a job seeker on their website, fill in your details (in less than 5 minutes), upload their signature “About You” video (they’ll tell you what to talk about) and AtYourService will connect high-value employers with you.

Unlike Fiverr and LinkedIn

Unlike Fiverr, you’re not competing with millions. Instead, you’re simply recommended personally as the best for a position that suits your profile. And this makes closing your interviews three times easier because you are not competing with anyone. And unlike LinkedIn, you won’t hunt down jobs and submit countless applications that never get read. 

When a client contacts them for an opening, AtYourService highly recommends you and submits your profile and the client leverages on AtYourService’s reputation to bring you on board immediately and pay you what you are worth.

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